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Mashable has just posted a new guide of 11 gadgets that no commuter should leave home without. You know, things like a foldable bicycle, infinity pillow and this thing that lets you make coffee on the go:

Pretty cool stuff, right? You know what else made the guide? You guessed it – Gunnars.

And here’s what they had to say:

“How many hours per day are your eyes glued to a screen?

Americans spend an average of 444 minutes each day staring at screens, according to a report by Kleiner Perkins analyst Mary Meeker. As you might be able to infer, that isn’t very good for your optical health. In fact, according to a report released this year by The Vision Council, 95% of Americans are at risk for digital eye strain, also known as computer vision syndrome (CVS), a malady that causes eye dryness, itchiness and fuzzy vision.


To prevent eye irritation, commuters who use their laptop, smartphone and/or tablet in transit, in addition to their computer at work and at home, should consider purchasing GUNNAR protective glasses. GUNNAR’s lenses are engineered to block out the damaging high-energy, UV and artificial blue light that screens omit.

The optic also features technology that helps wearers focus by providing sharper vision without ocular strain. If you already wear corrective lenses or glasses, GUNNAR glasses can be fitted with your current prescription.”

Check out their full guide HERE and be sure to pick up your must-have commuter Gunnars HERE


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