With a degree in International Marketing and focus on ecommerce, Michelsen led a career that capitalizes on strategy and scaling small business. Working initially in biotech, she served as roles in global consumer positioning, branding and mass media. There she honed her sensitivity to the quality-of-life benefits that can be provided by technologically advanced consumer products. Switching industry sectors, while utilizing her strategy background, Michelsen rounded out her business skills as she worked directly with large funds, family offices and investment companies.

As she retired to become a full-time mom, her business instincts keyed into a market need that she observed in her own home. Initially concerned about her husband, who experienced computer vision problems from his demanding career in the financial technology, Michelsen saw the genesis of an idea. She became passionately motivated into action once she observed her young son adopting a similar, digitally focused lifestyle at an early age. Her concern for his vision, as well as all others of his generation, was key to the founding of GUNNAR Optiks, LLC in 2006.

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