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Adam, known on YouTube as SkyDoesMinecraft

is an immensely popular Minecraft YouTuber who is famous for calling gold “Butter”, and hating the Minecraft squids. He is the co-founder, (Deadlox being the founder), of the famous Minecraft group, Team Crafted. His Minecraft name is SkythekidRS because before he got into Minecraft, he made videos comprising himself playing RuneScape – back then he didn’t know how to spell, with the name Skythekid, hence the RS, and uploaded to his original channel JinTheDemon.
His channel started as a spinoff when someone suggested him to play it and the first episode of his Minecraft Let’s Play series, Sky does Minecraft, came out.

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He is also famous for playthroughs of Minecraft Custom Maps or Parkour Maps with his friends, MinecraftUniverse, Deadlox, AntVenom, CavemanFilms, BajanCanadian, JeromeASF, and more.
With more than 10 million subscribers, SkyDoesMinecraft is the 8th most subscribed channel on YouTube according to the Official Wikitubia Most Subscribed Lists and is one of the fastest growing gaming channels on YouTube. He currently resides in Washington, U.S.A with Bashurverse, his girlfriend, and SlayerRocker86.


  • During his panel at Minecon , Adam explained he got the nickname “Sky” from when he made his sister a RuneScape account called “Skythekid” and eventually stole it.
  • He appeared in Lady Gaga’s music video “G.U.Y.” as “Minecraft Gamer”.
  • His most famous series is Cops n Robbers.